For my debut post on Sew Thready, I’d like to share one of my past makes: the Watson bra.


I made this piece fairly early in my bra-making endeavor. This one is View B, but in fact, my first Watson (also my first ever bra) was a View A. My only pattern modifications were the lace-edged cups and a small modification to the back band so my hooks could fit. I had also made a matching garter belt and panty set, but I wanted to showcase the bra as it was the centerpiece and the best constructed piece in the set.

I used a gorgeous cream colored lace from India for the cups and frame with white power mesh for the lining and band. The hooks, elastic, and hardware were all from Arte Crafts.

Fun fact: This whole set was made almost entirely from scrap lace! I was absolutely in love with the lace, so I used every last bit of it.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Of course, there were a few things here and there that I was not happy with. For one, my seams were not serged as I was (and still am, unfortunately) saving up for a new serger. My previous serger was actually one that I borrowed from a friend who has since moved away. Second, I did not like the stitching on the bottom band elastic. It was too taut and too high, leaving an obvious indentation.

Regardless, I still love this set. It has such a flattering shape and the lace is so elegant and simple.

I hope you enjoyed my little throwback. I look forward to sharing new creations with you.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”



16 thoughts on “Debut

    • Mera says:

      It definitely is. I am taking it one skill at a time. I mastered the Watson first. Then I learned to draft fitting changes. I also learned to draft my own cups. and i am now moving on to underwired bras!


      • Mera says:

        Oh, I’m not aware of any connection between the two? I don’t know much about Rush (the band?).

        I used the Ayn Rand quote because I’d read a book about her ideologies and her contributions to politics. I didn’t identify with a lot of her ideas, but I thought she was very insightful. I like to include quotes from many different perspectives that people can relate to. Hope that clears things up 🙂

        I’d love to know the connection between Rush and Ayn Rand, though!


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