Help Wanted: Thong Pattern Testers!

I had been working on a thong pattern for personal use for some time now, but I recently decided to grade and digitize it for you all to download for free. I was looking for a pattern with a straight lace band and found some that came pretty close in Merckwaerdigh’s shop, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Eventually, I decided to draft my own.

So far, I have sizes small, medium, and large. Take a look at the current pattern description and size chart below:


The Blossom Thong is an everyday thong with a signature lace band. Inspired by a past favorite, this thong improves upon the original department store design by adding a wider front, curved back piece, and comfortable knit fabric. It’s sexy, but wearable. The pattern grants ¼ inch (1 centimeter) seam allowance.


Size Hip (inches) Hip (centimeters)
Small 34-36 86-91
Medium 37-39 94-99
Large 40-42 101-106

If you fit into this size range, like easy projects, thongs, and lace, and would like to test a pattern for me, please leave a comment below with your hip measurement. If you are selected as a tester, I will reply to your comment and email you.


Edit: Here is a rough illustration of the thong:


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29 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Thong Pattern Testers!

  1. Meg says:

    I’d like to test! I’m not sure if I’d need medium or large, though. My low hip measurement is 41″, and my high hip measurement is 38″.


  2. Tracy says:

    I’m about a 36″ hip….on the smaller size. Would love to test this pattern and see if it fits better than any rtw that I have chucked across the room….lol


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