Introducing the “Blossom” Thong Pattern


I am proud to introduce Sew Thready’s first free pattern available to the public, the Blossom Thong. This pattern is free for my readers and through this blog only. The Blossom Thong is an everyday thong with a signature lace band. Inspired by a past favorite, this thong improves upon the original department store design by adding a wider front, curved back piece, and comfortable knit fabric. It’s sexy, but wearable.

If you make this, please share pictures! I would love to feature your Blossoms here.



All pieces of this pattern fit on single pages, so no pattern assembly is required. This pattern is formatted for US Letter sized paper. If you wish to print on a different size of paper, please contact me for assistance. To print the PDF, open it in a PDF viewer. It is recommended that you use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. When printing, make sure the document is at 100% scale. To do this, open the print dialog and make sure that the “Actual size” option is selected under the “Page Sizing & Handling” section. Measure the test square after printing to ensure the sizing is correct.

Size Chart


Get the Pattern

Please note: By downloading this pattern, you agree to the terms set forth on the Sew Thready Sewing Pattern Terms of Use page. Click the link to read the terms in full before downloading.

Click the links below to download the two pattern files.



Your Blossoms

Here is a lovely Blossom thong by Rosanna from Zak’s Room:


Love the combination of strpes and teal lace! This looks like a perfect everyday thong.


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